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To quickly turn Dark Mode on or off, there's a Control Center toggle that will activate it temporarily, great for the movie theater or bedtime if you don't have the scheduled feature turned on. Sign In with Apple is a new privacy-focused alternative to existing sign-in options from companies like Twitter, Google, and Facebook, which are designed to let you use your existing accounts to quickly and easily sign in to other apps and services. Sign In with Apple works like Google, Twitter, and Facebook sign-in options, but with an important distinction - Apple does not track or profile you when you use the feature.

You can use Sign In with Apple to sign into various apps and websites quickly and easily with your existing Apple ID, so there's no need to create a login name or email address, or provide other information. If you don't want to share your email address with an app or service that uses Sign In with Apple, Apple has even created a "Hide My Email" feature designed to let you create a unique single-use email address for you that forwards to your real email address but doesn't reveal that email address to third-party apps or services.

You can choose to provide your email address, of course, and Sign In with Apple works on all Apple devices, on the web, and apps on Android and Windows.

Apple is requiring all App Store apps that offer Google, Facebook, and Twitter sign-in options to also provide a Sign In with Apple alternative, and developers have been asked to make Sign In with Apple the first option in an effort to protect user privacy. In iOS 13, users have more control over how and when apps access their location data. There's a new option to allow an app to use a person's location just one time, with a requirement to ask again when the next time it wants to use location data. Apple is also now sending notifications when apps are using location data in the background, so you can choose to turn off location tracking for that app if desired.

When you receive these notifications, you'll see just how much location data has been collected, and where it was collected. For social media, Apple is now letting you control whether you share location data when sharing a photo. When sharing a photo via the Share Sheet, tapping the "Options" button will let you toggle off "Location," which removes location metadata from your photos.

Apple has implemented new APIs and controls designed to prevent apps from accessing your location using WiFi and Bluetooth without your consent. When apps share data using Bluetooth or WiFi in the background, you will get a notification and can go into the settings to turn off access. Find My works like the previous Find My iPhone and Find My Friends apps, offering up your friends' locations and your device locations, but there's a useful new feature that lets you find a missing device even if it doesn't have a WiFi or cellular connection.

To do this, Apple uses crowd-sourced location information delivered through Bluetooth signals. Basically, your devices give off a Bluetooth signal that can be picked up by other nearby iPhones, iPads, and Macs, relaying that signal back to you so you can find your missing device.

This feature uses end-to-end encryption and for that reason, it requires you to own at least two Apple devices to work. The aforementioned signal is broadcast as a public key, which, when picked up by other people's devices, is encrypted and sent back to you. Only another one of your devices can decrypt the signal, keeping your device location secure at all times so only you can see where they are located. If you have Family Sharing enabled, you will be able to see your family's devices under your own devices in the Find My app. The main Photos tab in the Photos app has a whole new look in iOS 13, putting your best photos front and center so you can relive your memories at a glance.

In addition to viewing all your photos, there are now options to view images organized by day, month, and year.

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All of these options filter out clutter, such as screenshots, photos of receipts, and duplicate images, so you can see your most significant moments without the cruft. Viewing all photos is still an option if you need to find all your images like you could prior to iOS In the new Photos tab, muted Live Photos and videos play as you scroll, which has the effect of bringing your photo library to life.

The best of your photos are also shown larger, accompanied by smaller shots, making your photo library more dynamic. The Days view shows the photos you've taken that day, while the Months view presents your photos categorized into events so you can see the best of the month at a glance. The Years view surfaces photos taken around the current date on past years. Apple highlights titles like location, concert performer, holiday, and more, and under the "All" view, you can zoom in or zoom out to see more or less of your entire photo library at one time. There's a neat little feature that lets you see photos of a person on their birthday if you have their birthdays assigned to them in the People album, and there's a new album dedicated to screen recordings.

Apple has added soundtracks for Memory movies based on what you like to listen to in the Music app, and there's a new Live Photos feature that will extend your video if you have multiple Live Photos taken within 1.

The editing interface in Photos has been overhauled to put the available editing tools front and center along with new slider wheels that are easier than ever to use. There's a handy feature that lets you tap each edit you apply to see what the photo looks like before and after, so it's clear what each adjustment is doing.

Intensity is also applied on a numerical basis so you can see exactly what your settings are at.

For the first time, you can adjust the intensity of the pre-set filters like Vivid or Noir, for a more subtle but still filtered look. You can also adjust the intensity of the Auto Enhance feature applied with the magic wand using a new slider. There are new editing tools for vibrance, white balance, sharpness, definition, and noise level, plus a new vignette tool for adding shadows to the edges of your image.

Auto crop, straighten, and perspective have been enhanced, and there's support for pinch-to-zoom so you can see how an edit impacts a particular area of a photo. With all of the new editing tools paired with the simpler layout, iOS 13 offers far more options for enhancing your photos so you can get the exact look that you're going for without needing a third-party app. Apple has long offered photo editing tools, but video editing was limited to cropping. That's no longer the case in iOS 13, with Apple now offering video editing tools to adjust elements like exposure, contrast, saturation, brightness, and more.

There are also filters you can apply along with tools for cropping and rotating video for the first time. All video edits are nondestructive, so, as with photos, you can remove the edits you made and revert back to the original video at any time. In the Camera app, there's a new option to adjust the position and intensity of studio lighting.

Moving the light closer to your subject digitally enhances the effect to smooth skin, sharpen eyes, and brighten facial features, while moving the light away decreases the intensity for a more subtle adjustment. Apple in iOS 13 has continued on with Maps improvements started in iOS 12, when the app was rebuilt from the ground up. The new Maps app, which is expected to be available across the United States by the end of and in more countries in , features improved detailing for roads, beaches, parks, buildings, and more.

New Maps on left, old Maps on right. As an example, Apple says that instead of saying "in 1, feet turn left," Siri will instead say "turn left at the next traffic light. Real-time transit schedules are now available in the Maps app, including arrival times, network stops, and connections for improved route planning. Real-time information like outages and cancellations is also listed in the Maps app. Apple has added flight status information to maps, with information about flight terminals, gate locations, and departure times.

Look Around offers up a street-level view of what's around you or what you search for in the Maps app. Look Around in the main Apple Maps view can be used wherever a pair of binoculars are shown. Tapping that delves into a close-up street level view of the location in a little card, which you can tap again to use the feature full screen. Tapping around on the display lets you move through the Look Around area, and tapping on an area far in the distance does a neat zooming maneuver that's fun to watch.

Notable points of interest, such as restaurants and businesses, are highlighted with identifying icons. Look Around is limited to areas where a car can go because it's using data captured from a degree camera on a vehicle. That means you can't zoom into areas like parks or beaches, for example, but you can see what's visible from the street. Look Around is currently limited to parts of California and Nevada, but availability will expand over the course of There's an updated Favorites option in Maps, which lets you search for specific locations and add them to a favorites list.

Favorites are Home and Work by default, but any location can be added to the list. Tapping a favorite location brings up directions to that spot, making the Favorites list a good option for places that you travel to regularly. Siri Suggestions is also able to suggest places that you might want to add to the Favorites List. Maps also has a Collections feature for aggregating different locations, such as restaurants you want to try or places you might want to visit while on vacation. Your list of Collections can be shared, so you can make up lists of places for friends and family and then share them.

Apple overhauled the Reminders app in iOS 13 to make it more useful and more competitive with third-party to-do apps. The new Reminders app features an updated design organized into four sections: Today, Scheduled, All, and Flagged. Reminders are organized into different lists, with customizable colors and icons. Under each reminder entry, you can create additional nested reminders, and multiple lists can be grouped together.

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When creating a new Reminder, there's a toolbar at the top that lets you schedule specific times for the task, arrange to get a reminder in the car, when arriving home, or at another location, flag a reminder as important so it shows up in the Flagged list, or add a photo or scanned document. Reminders support photos, documents, and web links in iOS Apple says that when you type longer, more descriptive sentences in the Reminders app, it will automatically understand and provide relevant suggestions to you.

When you're chatting with someone in Messages, Siri can recognize possible reminders and make suggestions, such as when someone asks if you want to go somewhere or asks you to get something from the store. You can also tag someone in one of your reminders to get a reminder about a specific task when chatting with them the next time. Messages lets you add a name and a photo that's shared with another person when you start a conversation or when the other person responds in a message. You can choose to share your profile photo with everyone, your contacts, or not at all.

Profile photos can be an image, a monogram, or an Animoji character. Apple has improved search in Messages with a search screen that offers up recent messages, people, photos, links you've been sent, and locations. When searching, Messages categorizes results and highlights matching terms, with the most recent items surfacing first.

The info pane, accessible when tapping the "i" icon in a conversation, is now better organized. It offers up images, locations, attachments, and links that have been shared during a conversation so you can find what you're looking for more quickly.

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In iOS 13, there are tons of new customization options for Memoji, including makeup, teeth, piercings, earrings, headwear, and glasses, along with more hair styles and options to further customize colors. Apple in iOS 13 has created Memoji and Animoji stickers that are based on your own personal Memoji and the Animoji you use. You can use the stickers in Messages to express emotion, and the Memoji version is similar to Bitmoji, with a variety of different expressions.

In addition to being available in Messages, Animoji and Memoji stickers can also be used in other places in iOS including the Mail app. Stickers are located next to emoji when you tap the emoji key. There's no longer a need to choose a number to use with iMessage - both will work.

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Users can select which number to choose when starting a new conversation, and can swap between them when composing a new message. For a more in-depth look at the new features in the Messages app in iOS 13, make sure to check out our Messages Guide. FaceTime in iOS 13 includes a FaceTime Attention Correction feature that, when enabled, adjusts the set of your eyes so that it looks like you're making eye contact with the person you're FaceTiming even when you're looking at the iPhone's screen rather than the camera itself.

When you're using FaceTime, you naturally want to look at the display to see the other person you're talking to rather than the camera, which has the effect of making you look like you're not maintaining eye contact. As can be seen in the video, iOS 13 corrects this and makes it so that when you're looking at the iPhone's screen, your gaze appears to be on the camera, allowing eye contact to maintained be maintained while still letting you keep your gaze on the friend or family member you're FaceTiming with.

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  • The Contacts app supports a huge list of new relationship labels so you can label all of your friends and family, with these relationship labels usable when speaking with Siri. You can now create Memoji in the Contacts app to use for your own profile and the people in your contacts list. There are new tools for managing your folders and subfolders, and there are new options to share an entire folder with someone.

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